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Knack Book 2

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Barb Blair announced her team for her second book HERE on her blog her a few weeks ago, and today these lovely images of all of us were in my inbox (photographed by Paige French). I am so excited to be working with this talented group of women, and so blessed to have the opportunity to work on Barb's beautiful project! Yay #knackbook2!

Editorial Styling for Knack Studios in Greenville, SC

| from L to R: me, Angie, Barb, Julie and Paige |

indigo supper party

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A couple months ago, I got together with my friends Julie and Morgan, and we decided to do something beautiful, just for fun. Working in weddings, we’ve all done a lot of styled shoots. We spend all afternoon setting up a beautiful table and beautiful details, take a few photos and then clear it all away. We wanted to set a beautiful table with the purpose of enjoying it. And what better way to enjoy it than over a shared meal with friends.

We decided to have the dinner at White Whale Studios, where Julie has her workspace. Another artist at White Whale, Emily Jeffords, is launching a gorgeous new online magazine with her friend and fellow designer Amanda MarkoTrouvé Magazine celebrates and inspires makers and creators, and they thought our little dinner party was something that could do just that. We were so excited for them to join our gathering and feature us on their website!

Photography by Jessica Barley